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By modernlifeninja

I was sitting at my desk, staring blankly at the stuff that needs to be done, without any motivation to do anything. To motivate myself a little I asked myself why do I need to do all this stuff. The answer was one of my goals: To get my business to a higher level of income. Asking this question and answering it didn’t work though, it didn’t give me any extra motivation.

Usually, relating a task to one of my goals gives me motivation, but that time it didn’t work. I clearly knew that I had to do some stuff in order to get my business to a higher level of income, it was one of my goals I reviewed daily, and worked so hard to reach. Yet, it didn’t help. Now, thinking about it, I think it was because the goal was solely about money.

Goals about money are tricky. When you set goals about money, you should also state what you intend to do with that money. This will sound very cliche but money is an intermediary thing which doesn’t mean much unless it is intended for something. If you don’t know what you intend to do with the amount of money you want, your goal might become meaningless to you after a while. A goal without much meaning will not provide motivation to you either.

This was why reminding myself about my goal didn’t help much that day. I was working hard towards a goal of money, and kept reminding myself about it. But after a while it stopped working. My goal about money didn’t tell me why I really needed to do all these things. Once I realized this, it was easy for me to get back on track. I had already thought about what to do with the money I want, and stating these things clearly once again gave meaning to my goal.

If you have a goal about money and if you haven’t thought about what you intend to do with that money, you should definitely start thinking about it before your goal stops giving you the necessary motivation.

Plus, it is hard to set the amount you actually need without knowing what to do with that money. By thinking about how much you need, you might also realize you need way less, hence save yourself some time and energy.

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