8 Little Things I Try To Keep In Mind When I Am In A Bad Mood

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By modernlifeninja

From time to time I get in a bad mood and I don’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes this happens for no apparent reason, and I can’t find a way to improve my mood. Whenever this happens I look at a small list I crafted over time. I thought this list might help others too so I am sharing it here.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist or a doctor. These are only my personal suggestions that worked for me so far.

Be Hardworking

No matter how bad it gets I believe working hard overall always brings new opportunities. Sometimes your work might be wasted but as long as you keep going you will see the benefits.

Eat Well Live Well

When I am in a bad mood I tend to neglect eating healthy or doing anything that will keep me healthy such as going to gym or getting enough sleep. Reminding myself to eat well and live well helps me recognize once again nothing is more important than my health. Somehow this also helps me get over my bad mood.

Notice Things That Makes You Happy In The Present Moment

Often I need to do things I don’t really enjoy doing. These things are mostly work related things that are just boring for me such as data entry, or organising a meeting for 30 people. Occasionally I get so bored about these kind of things that I just don’t want to work. Whenever this happens I try to pause for a moment and think about what is around me I can enjoy. Sometimes it is some good music in the background, sometimes it is a cup of delicious coffee. I say to myself there are things I can enjoy even in the middle of this boring task ahead of me.

Keep Your Family and Friends Always In Mind

My family and friends are my biggest support in life. Stopping for a moment when I am not in a great mood and thinking about all the great people in my life helps greatly.

Let Go of Things That Are Not Worth A Discussion

I noticed that occasionally the reason of my bad mood is an avoidable argument I had with another person. Whenever there is a thing that annoys me I ask myself if it is really worth arguing over. If the answer is no, I just try to let it go and avoid unnecessary hard feelings.

Don’t Plan More Than You Can Do

I have a tendency to be very ambitious while planning, which makes me end up with more things than I can handle on my to do list. From my past experience I learned that this only creates more stress. I try to keep this in mind all the time and avoid causing unnecessary stress for myself.

Involve Others In Your Problems

Another tendency I have is to try solving all my problems on my own. I learned that there is no harm in telling others about my problems and asking for help. When I am stuck with something, I try to pause for a moment and think about who I can call to discuss about it, and hopefully get some help. It is amazing to see how a different perspective can help you solve a problem.

Give More Than You Take

The feeling I have when I do something nice for somebody is very effective in getting me out of my bad mood. Sometimes it is some extra tip for someone, sometimes it is a random small gift for somebody I love.


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