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By modernlifeninja

I find a lot of time to devote to myself while travelling. I read, I write, I work on a personal project, I listen to music etc.. To be able to do these I need some stuff with me; my travel essentials:

  • Lightweight Laptop – I need my laptop for pretty much all of my personal projects. My laptop being lightweight and thin to make travelling with it easier was actually a big factor while deciding which one to buy. I am using an HP Spectre x360 right now.
  • High Capacity Powerbank – This is a powerbank that can even charge my laptop. Some might think this would be too heavy to carry around but it is around 0.5kg, so it is no a big deal, at least for me. Besides I don’t need to take my laptop charger with me if I have this. Here is the one I use: RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – When I first tried one of these, it felt like alien technology. It not only cancels outside noise but the quality of music also feels much better when you don’t hear any outside noise. I use one of the popular ones: Bose QuietComfort 25.
  • E-Reader – I make sure to have it with books already downloaded in it in case wifi is not accessible. I am using a Kindle.
  • Fitness Tracker – It is nice to know how my step count, calories burned, sleep quality etc. differ when I am travelling. I am using a Fitbit Blaze.
  • Sunglasses – No matter what the season is I might always need the comfort of my sunglasses.
  • A Book – Yes, I take my Kindle with me all the time but I really like reading print books too, especially while travelling. I just try to make it a thin book so it is easier to carry around.
  • Reading Light – This is actually not just for reading. It comes very handy in situations where I need a flashlight. Here is what I have: Ledgle Neck Book Light.
  • Notebooks – I really like writing and I never know when I would find a good time to write. And no, my laptop is not good enough for me, I like using pen and paper. I have different notebooks for different types of writing, a journal, a quotes notebook, a scratch notebook etc. They are all very thin and light so it is not a problem to carry multiple notebooks with me. I suggest Moleskine notebooks.
  • Medications – Mostly allergy pills and painkillers.
  • Jacket – I make sure to pack a lightweight but warm jacket such as light North Face jackets you can fit easily in a backpack.

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