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By modernlifeninja

I am a big advocate of eating less and more often. And I get that it is hard to find some healthy food to eat every two hour or so among all that rushing in the 40-hour workweek lifestyle.

I personally achieve this by getting a lot help from these things called snack bars, or granola bars, or protein bars, or power bars, or breakfast bars, or meal replacement bars, or whatever bars they are called.

Here is a table that compares most common ones. Use the filtering and sorting to find the bar that meets your criteria.

Nutrition BarCal. (1bar)Total Fat (g)Sat. Fat (g)Chol. (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carb. (g)Dieat. Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)Gluten Free?
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Flavor1908352802117121Yes
KIND Fruit & Nut, Almond & Coconut, All Natural190125025213123Yes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Cookies and Cream1807353102217121Yes
CLIF ENERGY BAR - White Chocolate Macadamia260720240414219No
Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe1804.531085172321Yes
Larabar Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip220113060263196Yes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar S'mores18082.551802313120Yes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Chocolate Brownie1706153102419120No*
CLIF KID ZBAR - Organic Energy Bar - Organic Chocolate Chip12031095233122No
Quest Nutrition - Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk16062.552502516120No*
CLIF KID ZBAR - Organic Energy Bar - Chocolate Brownie1303.51.50140233112No
Quest Nutrition Protein Bars, Apple Pie1805053202518220No*
Power Crunch High Protein Energy Snack, Cookies & Creme2051361010091514No
CLIF BUILDER'S - Protein Bar - Chocolate Peanut Butter28010502702922120No
thinkThin High Protein, Creamy Peanut Butter24093.55300221020Yes
Larabar Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough210113055283164Yes
Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar, Chocolate Mint20513610100101513No
KIND PLUS, Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants, Gluten Free Bars190101025223104Yes
STRONG & KIND Roasted Jalapeno230161.50140153610Yes
CLIF ENERGY BAR - Chocolate Brownie2404.51.50160445229No
Larabar Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Blueberry Muffin19081.505263174Yes
CLIF BUILDER'S - Protein Bar - Chocolate Mint2709602002922220No
Quest Nutrition - Quest Bar White Chocolate Raspberry19083.552702317120No*
CLIF ENERGY BAR - Chocolate Chip2304.51.501504342310No
QuestBar Protein Bar Coconut Cashew17061.552502517120No*
NuGo All-Natural Nutrition Bar, Vanilla Yogurt1702.51.50150262.51311No
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter1605152402517220No*
LUNA BAR - Gluten Free Bar - Chocolate Peppermint Stick18052.50120284128Yes
Larabar Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Cherry Pie20080.500304235Yes
CLIF KID ZBAR - Organic Energy Bar - Oatmeal Cookie130410115223122No
Health Warrior Chia Bars, Coconut1106204513443Yes
Probar Meal Simply Real Bar, Superfood Slam380193.50354661911No
Pure Protein Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch1908420170141517No
Quest Nutrition Quest Protein Bar Vanilla Almond Crunch19080.553302118120No*
Pure Protein Value Pack, Chocolate Peanut Caramel1906410180171220Yes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Cinnamon Roll1706052802517120Yes
KIND PLUS, Blueberry Pecan + Fiber Bars, Gluten Free Bars19012102020594Yes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bars, Lemon Cream Pie1706052602517120Yes
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Peanut Butter Supreme210101.553202117220Yes
Larabar Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Cashew Cookie230131.505233186Yes
Enjoy Life Decadent Bars, Chocolate Sunbutter15071.509019193Yes
Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar Orignal, French Vanilla Creme205125080101514No
CLIF ENERGY BAR - Oatmeal Raisin Walnut24050.501504352110No
LUNA PROTEIN - Gluten Free Protein Bar - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough17063.502602131412Yes
Larabar Gluten Free Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Peanut Butter Cookie220122070234187Yes
CLIF ENERGY BAR - Coconut Chocolate Chip24062.501804252210No
CLIF BUILDER'S - Protein Bar - Crunchy Peanut Butter28010503703022320No
Quest Nutrition Protein Bars, Strawberry Cheesecake1604.5052502617220No*
CLIF BUILDER'S - Protein Bar - Vanilla Almond27084.502403032220No
STRONG & KIND Thai Sweet Chili230161.50125153610Yes

* Products that are labeled asĀ “No Gluten Containing Ingredients” are considered Not Gluten Free.

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