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By modernlifeninja

Even if you don’t want to take any action towards your goals, it is still beneficial to keep them in mind. Having goals in mind can direct your actions in a way that you actually end up doing things towards your goals without being consciously aware of it. So here are my four tips to not forget about goals:

Make plans to reach your goals

This one is my preferred method to not forget about goals. By having plans for goals, and working according to these plans, goals come to mind naturally and frequently. Doing this not only keeps goals in mind but also forces one to do things to reach goals.

Set reminders to go over your goals

If you don’t want to make any plans, an easy way to keep goals in mind is to set a reminder to go over them. I believe it is best to set a reminder for every morning before you start the day.

Print your goals and put them somewhere you look often

This one is not one of my favorites but some people find it very useful. If you print your goals and put them somewhere visible, chances are you will keep reminded about them frequently throughout the day. I am not a big fan of this because sometimes I want to keep my goals private to myself and to people I wish to share them with.

Share your goals with your family and friends

When you share your goals with other people, they actually ask you about them and want to know your progress, especially if your goals are compelling for them too. Obviously, the more people you share your goals with, the more you get reminded about them. Sharing goals with other people also gives you additional motivation to work on them. People look for your progress, and you want to impress them.

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