By modernlifeninja

People who do nothing while waiting somewhere for something, and then get bored and complain all the time really irritate me. If you have such an empty life that you absolutely have nothing you can do besides checking social media while waiting somewhere for an hour, of course you get bored.

But we shouldn’t judge people, right? Everyone has their reasons in the end. True, but one should still be careful, because this attitude of “everybody has their reasons” can easily turn into an excuse for laziness, and even to a mindset that laziness is acceptable. Don’t be lazy and then think it is ok and acceptable, you are not Pollyanna. One who is lazy is destined to lose his/her self-esteem, whether he/she admits it or not.

My intention was not to talk about these, but i guess it is a good feeling to express feelings about others occasionally. My intention was to make people see that waiting somewhere for something can actually be a good opportunity to do something useful.Anyways..

It is very hard to find even one hour of free time in this “modern” lifestyle most of us are in. And that’s why you should stop complaining and getting bored while waiting somewhere, and instead you should “think”. You should think that you have one hour of free time, and find out what you can do that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Read, write, code if you are into it. Just find yourself something useful.

Of course, when i say “think”, I don’t say you should think only after going somewhere with nothing but a phone in hand. You should think beforehand. Do some planning. Do you need to wait at the mechanic for some car repair? Think before going there about how you can spend that time. Do you have a five hour flight ahead of you? Think about how you can be useful during that time. Would you like to read? Make sure you have a book with you. Do you need a laptop? Make sure you have it with you, or perhaps a tablet would do too. Just think ahead and do something useful.

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